Thursday, October 27, 2005


he is having the lunch.. :D

This is my brother :

This is the hospital :

I should have post this last month but I couldn’t make it. Anyway this is about the tour of India with my brother. My brother was having a hart disorder ailment called Tachycardia.

Let me explain …….

What is “Tachycardia” means fast hart rate, or rapid raise of hart rate.
The normal adult heart rate, or pulse, ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. A heart rate that continues to beat above 100 beats per minute is called tachycardia.

Why “Tachycardia” this is relates to some malfunctioning of this heart's electrical impulse relay system, which leads to either slow beating of the heart which is called - Brady Cardia or fast beating of the heart medically identified as Tachy Cardia.

My brother’s local consultant Dr Asunga Dunuwille (Cardiac, Electro physiologist and Cardiologist) first tried to treated with drugs in general way but later after few test and based on patient’s condition he decided to do 3D mapping and RF Ablation.

Unfortunately in Sri Lanka we don’t have that technology and facilities; so we had to move to India. Before we go to India we had chance meet the Indian consultant Dr Mohan nair (senior cardiologist) when he was in Sri lanka with Dr Dunuwille. So he explained the way how things can be arranged and so on etc.

So we are not that bad :D

Finally we went to (India) Delhi, Hart and lung Institute. And they planed the need full, we had to stay about a week to get over his difficulty.

Now he is being better after whole procedure.

Thanks to Dr Dunuwille and Dr Nair and Hart and lung Institute’s staff, they were so kind.

Thanks again.

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Ludmal De Silva said...

Oh, i havnt seen this before. :| its nice that you post it. BTW keep on posting macho, its interesting to read ur blog.