Friday, December 15, 2006

ex - Microsoft whiz and next Space tourist

Hungarian-born billionaire and ex-Microsoft whiz kid Charles Simonyi sees his trip next year on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station as a chance to do some good.


Simonyi, 58, left his native Hungary at 17 for the United States where he made a fortune after joining in 1981 the "start up" Microsoft, for which he oversaw the development of Word and Excel and which he left in 2002 to co-found Intentional Software Corporation.

Link to Charles Simonyi, billionaire, ex-Microsoft whiz and next space tourist - Yahoo! News

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Arpico Food Court

It was last week Saturday, after spending the first half in the office, I had to shop with my wife, as we were absolutely starving first we started with our lunch at arpico food court, as I entered to the food court I noticed that setup has been changed, 

 it was not the way it used to be, earlier each food outlet had their Owen individual cash machine with them (POS), which was very convenient and time saving, I mean when you decide which type of food you want and you can find that desired outlet pay the money and you can order you food while you wait without wasting your time, which is most effective for place like server foods,

 my point is that if the selected outlet is having along queue or if they are busy still you have option to find some other outlet and eat as much as you want,.

 Unlike that these people have made it worst and its a full of crap, now they have a single place with couple of cashiers where you can see the huge list of all outlets and their menus with menu numbers on the wall and since they have only two cashiers, you have to wait in the queue till your turn to order what you want and get the order receipt, then you have to find that outlet and handover that receipt to them then again you have to wait for your turn.

So most of the time you may have to wait in long queues and another thing is they don't have a food show case.

I just want to share this bad experience, anyway I have decided to not to go their again. 

Consider this when you go to a food court in rush our.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Using the Enterprise Library Data Access Block for .Net 2.0

Using the Enterprise Library Data Access Block for .NET 2.0

Read the Article

Summery :-

Writing database-access code is a repetitious and time-consuming task, but now that it's available as a reusable Enterprise Data Access Application Block, you'll never have to write such code again.

Microsoft has redesigned version 2.0 of the Data Access Block to take advantage of new ADO.NET 2.0 features. You can download the EntLib Data Access Block from MSDN.
Using the Data Access Block
To use the Data Access Block successfully, you will need to go through the steps listed below:

  1. Add a reference to the Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common.dll and Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data.dll assemblies from your solution. You can do this by using the "Add Reference" option and navigating to the <Drive Name>:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library January 2006\bin folder.
  2. Add the necessary configuration entries to the web.config or app.config file or a custom configuration file. To this end, you add the below <configSections> element under the root <configuration> element.
    EnterpriseLibrary.Data" />
    Then you also add the <dataConfiguration></SPAN< class=pf element directly under the root <configuration> element as shown below:
    In this example, I have marked AdventureWorks as the default database, declared separately under the <connectionStrings> element.
    UID=user;PWD=word;" />

  3. Import the core Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data namespace for the Data Access Block.
  4. Start writing code against the classes in the preceding namespace.

Whenever you work with the Data Access Block, you'll have to deal with the Database class first. The Database class represents the database itself, and provides methods  that you can use to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations against the database.

Execute a Query Returning a DbDataReader

I'll start with a simple example. You'll execute a simple SQL statement against the AdventureWorks database and retrieve the results in the form of a DbDataReader object, which you'll then bind to a GridView control in an ASP.NET page.  contains the full page code. Here's the Page_Load script:

   <script runat="server">
void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();
string sqlCommand = "Select " + "EmployeeID,
NationalIDNumber," + "LoginID, Title from " +
"HumanResources.Employee ";
DbCommand dbCommand = db.GetSqlStringCommand
using (IDataReader reader = db.ExecuteReader(
gridEmployees.DataSource = reader;
Transactional Code Block for Performing
Multiple Updates
There are times where you may want to execute
multiple operations against a database,
but perform them all within the scope of a
single transaction.
The EntLib Data Access Block enables this scenario by
providing the Database.CreateConnection() method
that allow you to get a reference to an ADO.NET 2.0
DbConnection object. Using the DbConnection object,
you can obtain a reference to a DbTransaction object
by calling the BeginTransaction() method,
assigning the return value to a DbTransaction
variable. Subsequently, you can then easily control
the transaction behavior by invoking either the
Commit() or Rollback() methods when the execution
succeeds or fails, respectively.
The following pseudo code shows how to execute
multiple stored procedures within the scope of a
single transaction.
   Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();
//Two operations, one to add the order
//and another to add order details
  string sqlCommand = "InsertOrder";
DbCommand orderCommand =
//Add InsertOrder parameters
sqlCommand = "InsertOrderDetails";

DbCommand orderDetailsCommand =
   //Add InsertOrderDetails parameters
using (DbConnection connection =
DbTransaction transaction =
//Execute the InsertOrder

//Execute the InsertOrderDetails
//Commit the transaction
//Roll back the transaction.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

PIN Number Reversal

I got this information from Anuradha (friend of mind) wanted to share with you all as its knid of important, but don't no how true it is.




If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM Machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse.

For example if your pin number is 1234 then you would  put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards from the ATM  card you
placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested,  but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you.

This  information was recently broadcasted on TV and it states that it is seldom used because people don't know it exists.

Have you faced these issues in ASP .Net 2.0

Last few years i had to stick to a one  big product in my company, Its a Business Intelligence tool called Cerebiz,  this is  currently running on Sri lanka, Pakistan and Australia.

So after the initial development and implementation, I have been adding new features and modifications to this BI tool, anyway I was asked to hold this product by the management for sometimes and had to work on a new  system as it is kind of urgent (web base Parking slot management system).

This is my first asp 2.0 assignment,  u know its always nice to get in touch with new stuff and fresh system.

So this what I came across -

  • You can not simply address a control in java script. I spend hours on this to find out. (I am using Master page) 

    you have to replace the above code line with..

    document.getElementById('<%=TextBoxEmpName.ClientID %>').value

    Thanks to MVP Rick I found that from his blog.
  • If you use GridView and  you have a  " Date " field column that you want to format it using  DataFormatString="{0:d}" , this won't happen unless you change the property HtmlEncode="false".
  • Actually this is not an issue, this is what my friend Sanjaya has found, for 24 hour display time column field you have to use formating string as DataFormatString="{0:HH:mm}".

Microsoft releases Vista

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer addresses a news conference at the Nasdaq MarketSite after he rang the opening bell, in New York Thursday Nov. 30, 2006 to celebrate Microsoft's launch of its new Vista operating system. For the first time in five years, Microsoft Corp. is finally unveiling a new system for operating personal computers.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Does your mobile phone Go Live ?

Have you thought about mobile chatting and browsing, or you looking for free tools.

My Sony Ericsson K700i is fully loaded with chatting and browsing.

All you need is java and GPRS enable phone.

You can download chatting tool from your phone, its called mig33.

It’s free and secure; I have been using this more than a year. So far it has been giving me a good service and I just thought to share with you guys.

My friend Gogula has found this fast mini browser called mini Opera, in fact, Opera is very fast.

I am sure most of you guys would have heard of these tools.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Trip to Sinharaja Rain Forest



Located in south-west Sri Lanka, Sinharaja is the country's last viable area of primary tropical rainforest. More than 60% of the trees are endemic and many of them are considered rare. There is much endemic wildlife, especially birds, but the reserve is also home to over 50% of Sri Lanka's endemic species of mammals and butterflies, as well as many kinds of insects, reptiles and rare amphibians.

Sri Lanka's tropical rain forest, the Sinharaja is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. One of the few virgin forests left in the world. Visitors are required to obtain permits from the Wildlife Department in order to visit this sanctuary. Streams, springs, rivers, waterfalls, leopard, monkeys, butterflies and moths, rare trees, valuable shrubs and medicinal herbs are all found within its green canopy. A trek along prescribed paths would provide nature lovers with a never to be forgotten experience of sights and sounds.

There are also shrews, giant squirrels, porcupines, civets, mongooses, venomous snakes, 20 species of birds and 45 species of reptiles!.


My company's Sports club palned to trip Sinharaja forest,  my frirend Puspaka with few other colleagus organizsed whole event & things .. bus, forest bunglow ( where we going to stay ) , foods   and so on,  unfortunatly they couldn't find camp sites to stay.

It was last friday late evening around 4.30pm we all ( unfrotunatly few colleagus couldn't make it due to varies other reasons) started the journey through the rathanapura root, basically it's a 5 - 6 hrs tour, we managed to reached there around 11pm midnight, it was raining and very cool night. as we planed we stayed at  Sinharaja forest bunglow.



Saturday morning we strated the hiking, we went about 13 km hike in the forest.






It was a great trip indeed, unlike other places this rain forest atmosphere is brilliant, freash air, greenish eye sights  etc.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Budu ras from BuddhaStatues

Buddhima has send this to me.............Check this out

Plese see the margin of the 2 colors. Then u can see a green line, on the yellow area.

It has become a fashion to say some people see budu ras from BuddhaStatues, and Bo Trees. Some are simulating colour difference illusionsand try to disprove that. However, it's important to know that Buddhismis not something exists because of miracles. A Buddhist is not an Idolater, whose beliefs are based on super natural things. Read following if interested.

* What is Buddhism?
Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading toInsight into the true nature of life. Buddhist practices such asmeditation are means of changing oneself in order to develop thequalities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom. The experience developedwithin the Buddhist tradition over thousands of years has created anincomparable resource for all those who wish to follow a path - a pathwhich ultimately culminates in Enlightenment or Buddhahood. Because Buddhism does not include the idea of worshipping a creator god,some people do not see it as a religion in the normal, Western sense.The basic tenets of Buddhist teaching are straightforward and practical:nothing is fixed or permanent; actions have consequences; change ispossible. Thus Buddhism addresses itself to all people irrespective ofrace, nationality, or gender. It teaches practical methods (such asmeditation) which enable people to realise and utilise its teachings inorder to transform their experience, to be fully responsible for theirlives and to develop the qualities of Wisdom and Compassion.Buddhism is a religion to about 300 million people around the world. Theword comes from 'budhi', 'to awaken'. It has its origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddhartha Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened (enlightened) at the age of 35.

* Is Buddhism a Religion?
To many, Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or'way of life'. It is a philosophy because philosophy 'means love ofwisdom' and the Buddhist path can be summed up as:(1) to lead a moral life,(2) to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and(3) to develop wisdom and understanding.

* How Can Buddhism Help Me?
Buddhism explains a purpose to life, it explains apparent injustice andinequality around the world, and it provides a code of practice or wayof life that leads to true happiness.

* Why is Buddhism Becoming Popular?
Buddhism is becoming popular in western countries for a number ofreasons, The first good reason is Buddhism has answers to many of theproblems in modern materialistic societies. It also includes (for thosewho are interested) a deep understanding of the human mind (and naturaltherapies) which prominent psychologists around the world are nowdiscovering to be both very advanced and effective.

* Who Was the Buddha?
Siddhartha Gotama was born into a royal family in Lumbini, now locatedin Nepal, in 563 BC. At 29, he realised that wealth and luxury did notguarantee happiness, so he explored the different teachings religionsand philosophies of the day, to find the key to human happiness. Aftersix years of study and meditation he finally found 'the middle path' andwas enlightened. After enlightenment, the Buddha spent the rest of hislife teaching the principles of Buddhism - called the Dhamma, or Truth -until his death at the age of 80.

* Was the Buddha a God?
He was not, nor did he claim to be. He was a man who taught a path toenlightenment from his own experience.* Do Buddhists Worship Idols?Buddhists sometimes pay respect to images of the Buddha, not in worship,nor to ask for favours. A statue of the Buddha with hands rested gentlyin its lap and a compassionate smile reminds us to strive to developpeace and love within ourselves. Bowing to the statue is an expressionof gratitude for the teaching.

* Why are so Many Buddhist Countries Poor?
One of the Buddhist teachings is that wealth does not guaranteehappiness and also wealth is impermanent. The people of every countrysuffer whether rich or poor, but those who understand Buddhist teachingscan find true happiness.

* Are There Different Types of Buddhism?
There are many different types of Buddhism, because the emphasis changesfrom country to country due to customs and culture. What does not varyis the essence of the teaching - the Dhamma or truth.

* Are Other Religions Wrong?
Buddhism is also a belief system which is tolerant of all other beliefsor religions. Buddhism agrees with the moral teachings of otherreligions but Buddhism goes further by providing a long term purposewithin our existence, through wisdom and true understanding. RealBuddhism is very tolerant and not concerned with labels like'Christian', 'Moslem', 'Hindu' or 'Buddhist'; that is why there havenever been any wars fought in the name of Buddhism. That is whyBuddhists do not preach and try to convert, only explain if anexplanation is sought.

* Is Buddhism Scientific?
Science is knowledge which can be made into a system, which depends uponseeing and testing facts and stating general natural laws. The core ofBuddhism fit into this definition, because the Four Noble truths (seebelow) can be tested and proven by anyone in fact the Buddha himselfasked his followers to test the teaching rather than accept his word astrue. Buddhism depends more on understanding than faith.

* What did the Buddha Teach?
The Buddha taught many things, but the basic concepts in Buddhism can besummed up by the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

* What is the First Noble Truth?
The first truth is that life is suffering i.e., life includes pain,getting old, disease, and ultimately death. We also endure psychologicalsuffering like loneliness frustration, fear, embarrassment,disappointment and anger. This is an irrefutable fact that cannot bedenied. It is realistic rather than pessimistic because pessimism isexpecting things to be bad. lnstead, Buddhism explains how suffering canbe avoided and how we can be truly happy.

* What is the Second Noble Truth?
The second truth is that suffering is caused by craving and aversion. Wewill suffer if we expect other people to conform to our expectation, ifwe want others to like us, if we do not get something we want,etc. Inother words, getting what you want does not guarantee happiness. Ratherthan constantly struggling to get what you want, try to modify yourwanting. Wanting deprives us of contentment and happiness. A lifetime ofwanting and craving and especially the craving to continue to exist,creates a powerful energy which causes the individual to be born. Socraving leads to physical suffering because it causes us to be reborn.

* What is the Third Noble Truth?
The third truth is that suffering can be overcome and happiness can beattained; that true happiness and contentment are possible. lf we giveup useless craving and learn to live each day at a time (not dwelling inthe past or the imagined future) then we can become happy and free. Wethen have more time and energy to help others. This is Nirvana.

* What is the Fourth Noble Truth?
The fourth truth is that the Noble 8-fold Path is the path which leadsto the end of suffering.

* What is the Noble 8-Fold Path?
In summary, the Noble 8-fold Path is being moral (through what we say,do and our livelihood), focussing the mind on being fully aware of ourthoughts and actions, and developing wisdom by understanding the FourNoble Truths and by developing compassion for others.

* What are the 5 Precepts?
The moral code within Buddhism is the precepts, of which the main fiveare: not to take the life of anything living, not to take anything notfreely given, to abstain from sexual misconduct and sensualoverindulgence, to refrain from untrue speech, and to avoidintoxication, that is, losing mindfulness.

* What is Karma?
Karma is the law that every cause has an effect, i.e., our actions haveresults. This simple law explains a number of things: inequality in theworld, why some are born handicapped and some gifted, why some live onlya short life. Karma underlines the importance of all individuals beingresponsible for their past and present actions. How can we test thekarmic effect of our actions? The answer is summed up by looking at (1)the intention behind the action, (2) effects of the action on oneself,and (3) the effects on others.

* What is Wisdom?
Buddhism teaches that wisdom should be developed with compassion. At oneextreme, you could be a goodhearted fool and at the other extreme, youcould attain knowledge without any emotion. Buddhism uses the middlepath to develop both. The highest wisdom is seeing that in reality, allphenomena are incomplete, impermanent and do no constitute a fixedentity. True wisdom is not simply believing what we are told but insteadexperiencing and understanding truth and reality. Wisdom requires anopen, objective, unbigoted mind. The Buddhist path requires courage,patience, flexibility and intelligence.

* What is Compassion?
Compassion includes qualities of sharing, readiness to give comfort,sympathy, concern, caring. In Buddhism, we can really understand others,when we can really understand ourselves, through wisdom.

* How do I Become a Buddhist?
Buddhist teachings can be understood and tested by anyone. Buddhismteaches that the solutions to our problems are within ourselves notoutside. The Buddha asked all his followers not to take his word astrue, but rather to test the teachings for themselves. ln this way, eachperson decides for themselves and takes responsibility for their ownactions and understanding. This makes Buddhism less of a fixed packageof beliefs which is to be accepted in its entirety, and more of ateaching which each person learns and uses in their own way.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006



Check this out .. I got this from Asela (MIB)

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DeskTask connects to Microsoft Outlook and displays your calendar and task items on the desktop.
Your tasks will always be visible, saving precious time to launch or switch to Outlook.
Just minimize every window, and see what are the items due for today or tomorrow.
DeskTask displays the whole week so you can be prepared to organize your work.
Besides the calendar items, the Outlook to-do list (Folder Tasks) is also displayed. If you work with Outlook, DeskTask is for you
If you have errors like The specified module could not be found at startup please read
this, you might have a damaged outlook installation
Microsoft Outlook 2000 / XP / 2003 (Not tested with previous versions of Outlook)
DeskTask is freeware. It can be freely used and distributed in commercial and private environments, provided the supplied Zip file is not in any way modified and there is no charge for it other than nominal handling fees.

More on DeskTask
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Download DeskTask

Version History

Discussion Forum

Microsoft and Microsoft Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

FAQ Download Forum History
"DeskTask has to be one of the best pieces of software I have seen in years. Simplicity and functionality in such an elegant package is rare indeed. Keep up the great work!"
Mark Allshouse

Sunday, July 16, 2006

When Is a Throw Not a Rethrow?

I found this blog post from Chris Burrows .Net Blog ,but this snippet is originally from Craig Andera's blog.. Check this out, It is very important indeed.

Reading made me remember about the first time I had an issue in production, and I was throwing the exception in the first way and could understand why I wasn't getting all of the stack trace information. Definitely, a good thing to remember.

There’s something I ran into recently that even experienced programmers can get wrong. We were adding error handling to something, and I saw this in the code:

catch (Exception e)
throw e;

The idea being that we log all errors in our components, but then throw them again to let the higher level systems actually figure out what to do. This works well. The problem comes in with the throw – it actually works much better to do this:

catch (Exception e)
throw; // Rethrows the exception we just caught

Notice the absence of an argument to the throw statement in the second variation.

The difference between these two variations is subtle but important. The second variation is the only one that actually re-throws the original exception. Meaning that the exact same information is passed along up the stack. With the first variation, the higher level caller isn’t going to get all the information about the original error.

For example, the call stack in the exception is replaced with a new call stack that originates at the “throw e” statement – which is not what we want to record.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Microsoft Releases Public Beta of Live Messenger

Microsoft has launched a public beta of its Windows Live Messenger, the next-generation of its instant messenger software with a number of new communications features.
The software has been in testing since December but only by invitation. This is the first public beta, which can be downloaded from the Windows Live Ideas Web site.
One of the major features of Live Messenger is support for Internet telephony, allowing you to call someone via the Internet with the Windows Live Call feature. With the public beta, six new international destinations have been added – Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. Live Call already supported calls with the U.S. plus England, Germany, France and Spain.
The Full Story...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Programmer to Team Leader:
"We CAN NOT do this proposed project. It will involve a major design
change and no one in our team knows the design of this system. And
above that, nobody in our company knows the language in which this
application has been written. If you ask my personal opinion, the company should
never take these type of projects."

Team Leader to Project Manager:
"This project will involve a design change. Currently, we don't have
Any staff who has experience in this type of work. Also, the language is
unfamiliar to us, so we will have to arrange for some training if we
take this project. In my personal opinion, we are not ready to take on a
project of this nature."

Project Manager to 1st Level Manager:
"This project involves a design change in the system and we don't have
Much experience in that area. Also, not many people in our company are
appropriately trained for it. In my personal opinion, we would need
more time than usual to complete it."

1st Level Manager to Senior Level Manager:
"This project involves design re-engineering. We have some people who
Have worked in this area and others who know the implementation language. So
they can train other people. In my personal opinion we should take
this project, but with caution."

Senior Level Manager to CEO:
"This project will demonstrate to the industry our capabilities in
remodelling the design of a complete legacy system. We have all the
necessary skills and people to execute this project successfully. Some
people have already given in house training in this area to other
staff members. In my personal opinion, we should not let this project slip
by us under any circumstances."

CEO to Client:
"This is the type of project in which our company specializes. We have
executed many projects of the same nature for many large clients.
Trust me when I say that we are the most competent firm in the industry
For doing this kind of work. It is my personal opinion that we can
Execute this project successfully and well within the given time frame."

I wish U all the best

Yesterday I was working with dinesh till late night to get things arranged, in cerebiz, bcoz it was the last day for him at Kandysoft. He is moving to another Company from next Monday.
Anyway we have been coping with the new cerebiz implementation from last month and now we are almost 90% completed.

about 5 years a go, when I was in logical, we were doing a computer system for Vanrees, at that time dinesh was working for Vanrees, and that is how we got to know each other.... even that time also he is hell of a geek....

And later he joined with us, and until yesterday we were working as team with team sprite, and like a small family helping each other, most of the time I had to work with him with my other Co - workers and I want say that he is hell of Geek, grate friend and always brother to me.

I wish U all the best to achieve ur goals!

I'm Back


Long time no See ...
Since of late I couldn't do much blogging. :-(

So thought of wring a quick summery of what I have been doing.

The main reason is that I do not have a Internet connection at home and their for, U know... It’s kind of hard to daily update my blog, because I ‘am not interested to do much blogging in the office.

  • Working on Cerebiz Grid (It's a BI Tool) - AJAX and new class library implementation, the new grid is amazing; U got to see that... :).
  • Shifted to New Place in Kirulapone, we all had to say good bye to Logical ( It was very sad movement in my life, 'cause I stared my carrier in logical) New place and a New Office.
  • After all ..; looking for a Place to rent, to improve and keep the happiness in my family life.
  • Decided to sell my car, :( (Make - Daewoo, Model - Lanos).

That’s it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Get Ready To Rock The VS 2005 Launch

I got my invitation.
Tomorrow is a very big day for all dot net lovers in Sri lanka, The VS Launch is due on 2nd Feb 2005.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Technology of the Year 2006

Do read this article...........

By Bradley L. Jones

In 2005, there were a number of technologies that continued to be important. Several, however, rose to the forefront of the news and to the forefront of what developers were doing. Of these, four technologies were recognized as the most important (and possibly most visible) in 2005. These four technologies were the finalists for the Technology of the year recognition. These are AJAX, RSS, SOA, and virtualization.
You might ask the question, where is blah? Of course, "blah" might be blogging, Web services, business intelligence, grid computing, multi-core processing, file sharing, or any of hundreds of other technologies that were present in 2005. Although some of these technologies were mentioned and nominated for the recognition, none of them received the same type of push as the four that made it into the finalist category.

And the Winner Is...

Prior to the start of the voting, it was anyone's guess as to which technology would win as the Technology of the Year. All four of the finalists have made been very visible and very important in 2005 and will continue to be so in 2006. Early projections were on RSS taking the lead spot. Enterprise developers were promoting SOA for the winning recognition. Virtualization is a technology that many developers have come to love as well. It was, however, AJAX that took the top honor of Technology of the Year.

For more details ..

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Have you ever cope with Office Politics

Hope this web site is usefull for people who are hate OFFICE - POLITICS.

Welldone Dinesh

It is nise to here that one of my best friend and SQL expert whose working with us is awarded as MVP.

he really deserve this title.

I wish him all the best for his future.