Thursday, December 07, 2006

Arpico Food Court

It was last week Saturday, after spending the first half in the office, I had to shop with my wife, as we were absolutely starving first we started with our lunch at arpico food court, as I entered to the food court I noticed that setup has been changed, 

 it was not the way it used to be, earlier each food outlet had their Owen individual cash machine with them (POS), which was very convenient and time saving, I mean when you decide which type of food you want and you can find that desired outlet pay the money and you can order you food while you wait without wasting your time, which is most effective for place like server foods,

 my point is that if the selected outlet is having along queue or if they are busy still you have option to find some other outlet and eat as much as you want,.

 Unlike that these people have made it worst and its a full of crap, now they have a single place with couple of cashiers where you can see the huge list of all outlets and their menus with menu numbers on the wall and since they have only two cashiers, you have to wait in the queue till your turn to order what you want and get the order receipt, then you have to find that outlet and handover that receipt to them then again you have to wait for your turn.

So most of the time you may have to wait in long queues and another thing is they don't have a food show case.

I just want to share this bad experience, anyway I have decided to not to go their again. 

Consider this when you go to a food court in rush our.

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Mahasen said...

Oh yeah, I went there just before I left the country and had the experience first hand. And the best part is after being in the queue nearly for an hour you'd probably find every table is taken.
It's a total mess, wonder who's dumb ass idea it is. That was my last time there as well.