Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I wish U all the best

Yesterday I was working with dinesh till late night to get things arranged, in cerebiz, bcoz it was the last day for him at Kandysoft. He is moving to another Company from next Monday.
Anyway we have been coping with the new cerebiz implementation from last month and now we are almost 90% completed.

about 5 years a go, when I was in logical, we were doing a computer system for Vanrees, at that time dinesh was working for Vanrees, and that is how we got to know each other.... even that time also he is hell of a geek....

And later he joined with us, and until yesterday we were working as team with team sprite, and like a small family helping each other, most of the time I had to work with him with my other Co - workers and I want say that he is hell of Geek, grate friend and always brother to me.

I wish U all the best to achieve ur goals!

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