Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm Back


Long time no See ...
Since of late I couldn't do much blogging. :-(

So thought of wring a quick summery of what I have been doing.

The main reason is that I do not have a Internet connection at home and their for, U know... It’s kind of hard to daily update my blog, because I ‘am not interested to do much blogging in the office.

  • Working on Cerebiz Grid (It's a BI Tool) - AJAX and new class library implementation, the new grid is amazing; U got to see that... :).
  • Shifted to New Place in Kirulapone, we all had to say good bye to Logical ( It was very sad movement in my life, 'cause I stared my carrier in logical) New place and a New Office.
  • After all ..; looking for a Place to rent, to improve and keep the happiness in my family life.
  • Decided to sell my car, :( (Make - Daewoo, Model - Lanos).

That’s it.

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