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Check this out .. I got this from Asela (MIB)

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DeskTask connects to Microsoft Outlook and displays your calendar and task items on the desktop.
Your tasks will always be visible, saving precious time to launch or switch to Outlook.
Just minimize every window, and see what are the items due for today or tomorrow.
DeskTask displays the whole week so you can be prepared to organize your work.
Besides the calendar items, the Outlook to-do list (Folder Tasks) is also displayed. If you work with Outlook, DeskTask is for you
If you have errors like The specified module could not be found at startup please read
this, you might have a damaged outlook installation
Microsoft Outlook 2000 / XP / 2003 (Not tested with previous versions of Outlook)
DeskTask is freeware. It can be freely used and distributed in commercial and private environments, provided the supplied Zip file is not in any way modified and there is no charge for it other than nominal handling fees.

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Microsoft and Microsoft Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

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"DeskTask has to be one of the best pieces of software I have seen in years. Simplicity and functionality in such an elegant package is rare indeed. Keep up the great work!"
Mark Allshouse

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