Thursday, March 08, 2007

The SAP-Microsoft Relationship

The SAP-Microsoft relationship enables us to:

  • Maximize the value of existing investments in SAP and Microsoft  technology
  • Leverage existing expertise to build innovative new applications and business processes based on SAP and Microsoft solutions
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by enabling seamless integration across diverse IT platforms
  • Facilitate the development of integrated SAP and Microsoft solutions with dedicated tools, support, and expertise


Anonymous said...

Hello Sumudu

How r u doing? I do tend to agree with your comments...

??? how popular are SAP and Microsoft Dynamcis in Sri Lanka?
for example do many use Microsoft Dynamics Nav in Sri Lanka?


Sumudu said...

Hi Satha,

Its grate to see your comments on this topic, thank you.

How popular are SAP and Microsoft Dynamics in Sri Lanka?

I would say that usage is less than 10%. In the industry few major companies are involved with SAP and they have been successful with the ERP installation also. But the popularity wise “SAP” is ahead compare to “Microsoft Dynamics”.

Personally I think majority is concern the budget and time as the main constrain.

Do many use “Microsoft Dynamics Nav” in Sri Lanka?

Answerer is No.

Although the product “Microsoft Dynamics” has the potential and everything, my understanding is that over here in Sri lanka unfortunately the community doesn’t aware of the advantage and the value of MS Dynamics and ROI over other products. Because there is no one actively marketing it, but the product is in their Product List.

Satha Arumanaygam said...

Hello Sumudu

Good 2 hear from u.

I find your comments very interesting - because Microsoft Dynamics Nav is quite popular in India. Ofcourse SAP is even more popular.

Anyway question please: who are the large ERP/CRM solutions providers in Sri Lanka?

Hope 2 hear from u.

Cheers Sumudu